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I wonder what will be more effective for training magic level. Lets say i got 210000 gp. Should i buy 1 training wand or 2625 strong mana potions?
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I guess you are asking what is more effective cost-wise (that is - can you get more magic level progress with SMPs or training wand for the same amount of money)?

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Effective in which way? Time consuming? Speed? Mana/gold?

If you buy the rod you will take 16 minutes to spend 300.000 points of mana and just watch it go up.

If you buy 2625 smp you will take ~50 minutes to spend 393.750 points of mana, but you will need to use it all and use magic skills to spend the mana.
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Worth mentioning that if you go with SMPs, you can convert those mana points into something of a value eg. runes that you can later on sell and further reduce the costs.
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As it is said, training with rod/wand is the least effective way when it comes to gp/percent ratio, but on the other hand its the fastest way of doing it (except of umps+paralyze runes). Even doing it with pure umps is problematic, because its rly hard to be able to use all the mana which ump per second can restore (except of umps+paralyze on druids, but on the other hand its a lot more expensive than wand/rod + you have to click it whole the time.

Conclusion: if you have time and isnt scared of clicking it, use potions - do it, youll get more per every 1k spent, but will take much longer.  If you want to do sth else or the advancement/hour makes you the difference then use wand/rod.
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As mentioned, this depends on the choice of mana potion, small mana potions will always return more mana per gold coin, but you are hindered by their lower gain meaning longer time to fill and deplete your mana bar.

In relation to training wands, this can largely depend on the price of tibia coins on your server of choice.

Assuming the 500 charges relates to 500 ultimate mana potions, if the cost of the training wand is less than the cost of 500 mana potions then the wand is the better option. However, do keep in mind the 10% boost from using a trainer bought from the store, this would mean that it would be of equal value to 550 ultimate mana potions.

Then of course you have to factor in your time and effort, if the wand/rod is cheaper by all means go for it. However, if buying the 500 ultimates is cheaper you have to ask yourself is the difference worth the effort of drinking them and casting spells.

From my point of view, anything around 10% increase in price is not worth the time to drink potions, i would sooner buy a training item and go make food, read a book, reserach some lore etc..

Excusing the length of my post, the final point to consider is how you would spend the mana from potions, training items will return nothing but magic level, however drinking potions and making avalanche/sudden death/great fireball runes would either allow you to use them on a hunt, saving you having to buy them, or you could sell them to recoup some costs.

As you can see many factors are in play here, but ideally start with the cost of mana potions vs training items and go from there!
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Worse potion is much more effective, if u care about waste.

mana post->strong->great->ultimate->wand/rod

By buying wand/rod u waste 100ump per training item.

Cause training wand/rod is 500ump and u paying for 600.
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Your numbers are off.

One wand/rod equals ~305.000 mana spent which is roughly 610 UMP
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The strong mana potions will give slightly more mana/gp ratio. However the amount is so small that the time saving of the training wand/rod will be far more rewarding. The best mana/gp ratio even now is still the normal mana potion, but the time it would take would be insane.
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I have done a little research about it and the final result is that it is better to train magic level with mana potions than with a training wand / rod.

Except that you want the results from yesterday to today so OFC use a training wand / rod, because the results with the mana potions will be only effective in the long term.
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One important thing to mention: Many people like to buy wands/rods and "rush" Magic Level on Double Skill events (like the one currently on this weekend). They do that mainly because it is a fast way to get great skills in a short time, but it is a somewhat costly thing to do.

But if you are not that hurry, making runes with SMP would be a great idea.