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I am playing solo now because my friends Just quit tibia. I really don't know where I can hunt to get levels fast. Actually I hunt hydras, behemoths, Dragon Lords or Wyrms, but i am tired of hunting this monsters.

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The "best" spawn in my opinion is Asuras! Get access to behind the mirror, hunt full mana shield and just run through the spawn killing everything. Always wear dwarven ring. As long as you avoid getting full trapped you should be fine and get insane amounts of xp & most of the time even profit. This spawn is insane but most likely taken most of the time.

A spawn i really enjoyed around that level was Inq Hffs / Spectres. It's a nice change of pace as you have to really be careful but it feels rewarding aswell. It's a good mix of exp&profit. Just make sure to make the hands run away in the spectre area and your fine. (mana shield + firewalkers on hffs HIGHLY recommended)

Oramond West is probably a nice place to get good amounts of xp, but full waste. It is way better on MS and really not as great on ed, but still a decent place. Only hunt there with raid, dont even bother going without.

If you already spent the time to gain access to glooth bandits you might as well spend time there to hunt. Decent experience with very nice profit. Recommending a physical protection set at your level though.

You might be a little high for this, but souleaters are still a chill and viable option. Depending on luck you can profit alot there and the risk of dying has pretty much been eliminated by now. Grab tera UE for this. exp is mediocre though.

Lizard city works on pretty much every level for mage starting from 150. Just run around and ava everything, UE if you have too many on screen. Very simple, good xp/hr, little to medium profit.

Avoid Banuta like a plague as solo ED. Atleast at this level. You won't be able to finish the monster without them running away which is super annoying and shows in you xp/hr alot.
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Could you add approx. xp/h on bonus for each area?
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Try on (Exp 150%):

  • Summer Court entrace (2.5KK)
  • Winter Court with fire bombs (2.8KK)
  • Glooth Bandits on Oramond (1.8KK)
  • Banuta -1 or -2 (2.2KK)
  • Oramond West with/witout Quara raid (2.5KK)
  • Lizzard City (2kk)
  • Elder Wyrns on Drefia
  • Little Roshamuul on Feiryst (1.8kk)
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Could you add approx. xp/h on bonus for each area?
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Sue, I gonna edit.
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Very nice, many thanks! :-)
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Grimvale, Banuta, Lizard city, Glooth bandit, Oramond West. These hunts are the best for 185 to 250~300
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I would recommend Hero/Old Fortress, whatever you want to call it, Its located here:


All you need is avalanches & potions, then just run around and start throwing your runes, the more monsters the more exp ;)

At your level you should easily get 1.5kk+/h, this spawn is great cus it's so relaxing, no mana shield required. The loot can be pretty bad however..

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