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I would like to know your opinion on how Tibia could solve the problem of respaws to hunt if you are not dominando. Nowadays it is almost impossible to hunt on dominado servers if you are not part of the dominando guild. Every update there are more respaws and yet it still not enough.

In my opinion, simple way to solve this problem could be implementing dungeons, like a Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V of the map so we have more teams hunting and once you and your team is inside, people won't be able to enter.

Do you have ideas to share on this topic? You can also answer disagreeing with me and say it should be the way it is!
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I think adding new respawns isn't the solution. Respawns are being added but depending on the level range you usually have just a few really good options. Older respawns are being abandoned as they often offer much less than new ones. For example, INQ and POI used to be popular hunting spots back in a day and now no one goes there for team hunts (unless they want bestiary).

I would like private respawns being added. Either copy paste of current locations or have some set location that you can have filled with monsters types from different locations (like a prison, feru seals, library, skeletons, falcons).

It would make the game much easier and more enjoyable for people who aren't in dominando and can play only a short amount of time so If the respawn is taken they can't just wait a few hours.

Given the fact that most of Tibia players are people over 22 with jobs, studies, kids it would be a change welcomed by many.

The private spots would allow party hunting so you could still enjoy the team play but you would get rid of a lot of negative things like long waitlists, dominando, KSing / luring, not respecting others.
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Got to say that I totaly disagree with your opinion, Tibia doesn't need more respawns at all.

Tibia has many more repawn that used to have, and not even half the players that used to play. So maths are simple, more respawns.. less players.. = empty respawns everywhere.

The problem is that every one wants the 'good respawns' and forget about the old but good ones.

I'am not in a dominando server, and still can hunt easily, only places which are usualy crowded are carnivors, skeletons, rosha, and feru seal.
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I agree with what you said about having more and more respawns, but another math that is simple is that some older spots isn't worth anymore. First because Cip keeps adding content for higher levels, so people want to hunt where one can gain more experience. Second, prices of itens are not the way they used to be. While you could easily farm enough money to buy a 4kk ornate chestplate you have to farm 100kk - 120kk to buy a falcon plate.
Plus, while people is hunting in profitable respawns  and earning a lot of money, everything is getting more expensive. So, you get a respawn that you make lower profits you are getting off the game everyday.
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You got a point.. but there are so many good respawns which no longer are used, and still give good money: demons, bandits, souleaters, ghastly, walls, banuta,... I mean it is obvious that there is better ones, but idk, I don't think the solution is to add more.
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I agree people wanting the "good respawns" is why people have a problem with hunting, but dominado is part of the game, it's what makes tibia unique. You want the good spawns? Make your own team to fight and take control or hunt the spawns where you make a little less exp and profit.
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Think the problem with Guild Dominant are more commom at South America worlds but it's unique to them. I also disagree to you Elfo, if CIP make more respaws, the guild dominant will will invite more ppl to the guild para fill these hunt spots too. In my opinion it has no solution since CIPSOFT removed POWER ABUSE from the rules.

As Beix said, the main problem is that everyone wants to hunt in the "best" place at all, u can hunt at Skeletons, Asura Mirror or Prission -3, basically all does the same XP, but ppl fight to go to Skel because the profit. Nowadays it looks all to be about to farm cpoins in Tibia, so sad.
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As I told Beix up there, if some people is making a lot of money hunting in good resps, things will get more and more expensive. If you don't hunt in profitable resps you won't be able to buy new equips, etc.
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And yes, I agree Power Abuse is the major problem for hunts if you are not dominando.
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There are many respawns that need to be reworked. When they create a new respawns others are abandoned and the second are not good that new ones. Some things already been done like a 2x respawn speed, and a not profitable respawns like lava lurker. Could do some places where need to make a tasks for enter, like warzones 4,5,6 but this tasks are not profitable and hunts with difficulty acessing. Other way is hunts for each only the vocation, like a Soils. But the main thing is renew the old respawns, not only the respawns but the creatures, these in turn could be strengthened and get more exp.

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