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by the damage, the exp that can get solo etc etc

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The answer is no... all vocation has a problem to be fixed.

Every person is asking to “make sorcerers great again” in forums

Everyone is asking for knights to be able to use bigger mana pots

Everyone is asking for arrows that doesn’t disappear after making them

Yes you can make a huge xp/h and profit after some level in all vocation but that doesn’t mean there is a balance
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I think that every profession has its pros and cons, that's why they are quite balanced. In the current tibia profit you can make any character, although you do not always have exp and profit at the same time it is possible. You can do the same big exp Exp on MS, but also EK depending on where you hunt. The only thing I have reservations about is that most of the "best" items in the game are for EK / RP, e.g. magic characters are a bit poor in falcon items and most can't wear them.
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The are some things need be fixed, but I feel so afraid about the crying on forum by example on the thread of make sorcerer great again the 90% of ideas are a total trash I mean they want kill everything with one single attack.

Too many people dont want or think in a balance, just want get the overpower vocation and claim by it.
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They are not balanced at all but CipSoft did one thing that mitigates the imbalances - increased exp for 4 vocations parties.

On higher levels, 4 vocations team hunts are usually the best option for both exp and profit.

If the experience bonus wouldn't exist you would see teams like  3x ED 1x EK on fire library or 2x ED, EK, RP etc. MS is offering very little there.

I'm mentioning fire library as it's the hands-down best spot in the game at a higher level.

Everyone says that druid is strong and MS is too weak. Well at 4 vocation team hunt you will get the same amount of experience and profit on ED as on MS. On ED you will have much more responsibilities and things to do while MS has pretty chill time at team hunts.

Solo, they are very similar. ED has the advantage of duo hunts as he has much more options than MS.
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A MS can heal too just need to carry some UH’s
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Runes share item cooldown. If MS uses UH he cannot use ava etc.

MS should carry and use UHs during hunts and every good MS does it but it's used as an emergency solution, not as a regular healing source.

If your comment was in regard to teams without MS in the spot I mentioned druid spells are much better so it's not only about healing.
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Yeah I know but its a option to a ms help healing too
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No. For example Sorcerer is just an ED without paralyze and heal friend. Spells are not so useful to compensate that. Waves for example - cooldown is too long and its hard to use without blocker. Rp is very powerful if supplied with diamond arrows. So if he has own providers, nothing can match to him - highest aoe damage, great heal, huge amount of health.