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Say you want to focus on doing PK, what is the best vocation to use for that matter? Does that change with level once you've gotten all the possible skills for each vocation?

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That's depend on what type of pvp You have on mind. The best solo pvp vocation is Royal Paladin, because of his highest possible combo damage. If equipped with The Devileye he can easily take out 200+ mage on one hit (if a mage doesn't use magic shield).

Mass pvp I would say Elder Druid is most effective, mainly because of his paralyze, wild growth and high SD rune damage.
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I think the best vocation to get pk is master sorcerer why when u find level 45 this vocation have more attacks spells..yes

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On low level:

Master Sorcerer

On new servers:

Master Sorcerer

On mid level:

Master Sorcerer

On wars:

Master Sorcerer

Kill players luring:

Elder Druid

One vs One

Royal Paladin

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MS for me, SDs and fire elementals/orc berserkers heart but ED is cool on higher LVL with paralyze, because it's hard to heal up to 130lvl when you throw this.

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In my opinion, the best is a druid. Because it has runes of paralysis. But only in server wars. When it comes to lonely pk I recommend paladin because he is able to kill a magician quickly and have a lot of hp. The Sorcerer is also a good alternative, because it can deal a lot of damage from SD, and help with summons.