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Little back story - Played tibia back on Nova as a sorc - even had a shield of honour back then. Now playing as a EK

Was wondering if anyone has calculated the level it takes for monsters not be able to hit your character after shield block is broken.
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You should specify what monster are you talking about.
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The damage reduction is based on your armor and the hit value not your level. And this only applies to physical damage, elemental / magical damages are reduced by % based on your resistances.
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Interesting. I shall run through some areas to doublecheck

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In case of physical attacks, if your shield is broken, there are only 2 factors that reduce the damage taken:

  • total armor points from equipment that you are wearing
  • additional physical protection from the equipment you are wearing or prey 

The level plays no role in a character's ability to reduce the damage taken. This can be easily tested by taking a high level EK to eg. rats and asking him to remove all his equipment. The player will be getting hit by rats despite being high level, since neither shield nor armor will be there to reduce the damage.