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I have seen this extra feature that can be bought in the store for 900TC.

Is it worth buying? If so, at which level should one buy it? I wonder because it seems that your capacity is still used by the gold you carry in this pouch, so the only benefit would be that it is a backpack of theoretically infinite slots for your money?

If anyone could explain the benefits of the gold pouch it would be much appreciated.

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In my opinion, this is not a useful thing. I use lightweight backpacks for money.

Although it may be and only for knights. For me, 900 TC is too much. I play Druid and paladin and this is not the result for me.

I think few people bought it. I think the bag in which you can carry an infinite amount of money is not worth it. If it had an impact on weight, I think it would be a better option.

But for a knight who hunts in the library, this purchase is worth it. In the future, the purchase will definitely pay off. For smaller lvl I think it is not profitable.
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It is not worth buying.

Each pack of 100 coins weight 10oz, at the simpler cases you'll save 18oz from the backpack for each 190oz from coins as you need one of the slots for placing another backpack for the next 1900 coins. But the reason that most of people won't pickup gold from monsters is that the gold itself is too heavy for its value.

1900 gold = 208oz (190oz from gold + 18oz from backpack). 10k worth of gold is close to 1100oz with backpacks or 1000 with gold punch.

If you pick up gold you'll need to return often to deposit it. There is a chance you'll lose the respaw as you left it and you can probably earn more if you stayed in the hunt.

Furthermore it'll take an eternity to get the value of the pouch back. I'm talking about many years. The price of each TC in my server is around 25k, the pouch price in gold is 900*25k = 22.5kk. The pouch saves around 10% of the cap of coins, so I'll need to pick up a total of 220kk worth of coins in order to pay it.
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The price of 900 Tibia Coins.gif Tibia Coins is too high.

And the benefits are poor, just taking the Gold Coin.gif Gold Coin you need a lot time to recover your first investment (Tibia Coins.gif Tibia Coins Price).

It only work on new servers with low price on Tibia Coins.gif Tibia Coins.

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I think it is not much useful, but it is too expensive. Apparently counts capacity normally? no sense. It is better to buy Dummy or 3 prey for this price.

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It depends how much gold a TC is in your server, if the server is new and the TC price is something like 1k so it’s worth it and you can easily make that money using the gold pouch.

But in old servers mostly is not used, too expensive to carry only gold.
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In my opinion, in order for gold pouch to be profitable, it should convert gold into platinum coins (and platinum into crystal) but so that this is not so OP should have charges and be enchantable by silver tokent or something like this. then 900 tc would not be so painful when collecting large amounts of gold, but in its current state buying it is a waste of money

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Depends on your voc, level and your favourite place to hunt. If you're EK and usually hunt on library there is no way, to go there without Gold Pouch. On one hunt (lvl ~900) you can earn there about 3kk only from platinum coins in 2h, so with Gold Pouch really make these hunts easier.
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I asked knights about this idea and they also think so. It's not a problem. Everyone has their opinion on this topic.
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Yeah, I also asked knights (900-1000) who hunt Library everyday. :) ... and after few months your idea with spending 5 TC on gold converters will be more expensive than 900 TC spent on pouch (not mention the increased level of irritation caused by changing platinum coins all the time).
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Maybe you are right but it is only for those who spend the most time there.
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I do not think the investment of 900Tibia Coins on it are usefull.

  • first in my opinion it's usefull only for low lvls, and it would take an eternity to pay the tamount o gold used to buy it
  • second we have now imbuement for backpacks what I is much better in my opinion.
To be honest CIP could give for free to the players nowadays.
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For me as a druid with not enough caps I just use my regular backpack but I have a knight friend who swears by this because he uses it when he has extra cap and he usually doesn't have backpacks left but hell have caps. He likes his backpacks organized so he really loves to use it. But for me, there's no use. Also my knight friend is level 300 and rich with tibia coins.