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With the implementation of the hunting tasks, points will be obtained which can be exchanged at a new NPC, Walter Jaeger, in Thais.

It is mentioned that those points can be exchanged for outfits, mounts, and decorative items. Could anybody provide a list of such rewards?
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We just had a teaser about it that doesn't show the rewards. To be able to answer this someone would need to work at cipsoft.
Only at the test server we'll be able to see the rewards. Fan sites might get one or two screen shots that give us some info but a complete list is not possible.
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Even though this cannot be answered yet, this is a perfectly valid question.
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It is an absurd that people are using downvotes in a completely wrong manner. The question is valid and pretty good. It will be a useful one to check about soon.
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@FPoPP  You're absolutely right, it's a shame some people are abusing it ...

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Points can be exchanged for the following prizes :


Antelope    225 000 HTP


Falconer Outfit

Base :  (male) (female)       150 000 HTP

First Addon :(male) (female)      50 000 HTP

Second Addon : (male)  (female)   50 000 HTP

Full addons :  (male)  (female)   


Gold Hunter Trophy   125 000 HTP      

Silver Hunter Trophy    25 000 HTP     

 Bronze Hunter Trophy  5 000 HTP

Hellflayer Trophy   125 000 HTP   

Sea Serpent Trophy  25 000 HTP    

Gozzler Trophy 5 000 HTP


Bone Bed 50 000 HTP

                                                  NPC Walter Jaeger is here:

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The possible rewards are:


  • Falconer outfit (Base Outfit 150.000HTP; First Addon 50.000HTP; Second Addon 50.000HTP)


  • Antelope mount (225.000HTP)


  • Gozzler trophy (5.000 HTP)
  • Bronze hunter trophy (5.000 HTP)
  • Sea serpent trophy (25.000 HTP)
  • Silver hunter trophy (25.000 HTP)
  • Hellflayer trophy (125.000 HTP)
  • Gold hunter trophy (125.000 HTP).


  • Bone bed (50.000 HTP).
*HTP = Hunting Task Points
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On tibia's site I read that the rewards was Outfits,Mounts and decoration items. However since it's just a teaser the rewards are subject to change!

Best Regards Frazzie
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According to the recent NEWS the list of rewards is the same, but amount of HTP is visibly lower:

Antelope    145 000 HTP


Falconer Outfit:

Base :  (male) (female)       100 000 HTP

First Addon :(male) (female)      35 000 HTP

Second Addon : (male)  (female)   35 000 HTP

Full addons :  (male)  (female)   

Bone Bed 35 000 HTP

Gold Hunter Trophy   80 000 HTP      

Silver Hunter Trophy    15 000 HTP     

 Bronze Hunter Trophy  3 000 HTP

Hellflayer Trophy   80 000 HTP   

Sea Serpent Trophy  15 000 HTP    

Gozzler Trophy 3 000 HTP