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As most of people on Tibia already know, there is a reward for the Thieves Guild Quest that is designed for Paladins. It is called the Modified Crossbow, with the following stats:


Several years after the implementation of the quest, it was added as a loot from a creature as well.

Although it is a pretty awesome looking distance weapon, does it really matters as an investment for Paladins at the level intended for it to be used? The Assassin Dagger is pretty good for selling (based on NPC prices) and the bonus of it seems so small.... Wouldn't be more wise to wait being strong enough and go after the Arbalest as soon you get level to use it? The Modified Crossbow doesn't even change the range or anything else, so I don't know if it would help me on a significant way on PvE or PvP.

I'm about to use it on a free account paladin at this level range and see by myself if it changes the level/profit made. But does someone knows about it when hunting with bolts at this level?

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Well, you are better off in any quest to get the item worth the most then sell it and buy the thing you want. but, looking at stats, you are better off using the normal crossbow until you get 75 and getting the arbalest or a bow such as elvish or hornbow along the way.