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If Tibia have like 60+ outfits and addons, why when i dead my body dont look like my outfit and addons?

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Actually, the fact that you can differentiate an human character body right away when looking at it is pretty useful (gameplay wise speaking)

It was very confusing when all humanoid monsters had a death corpse similar to player ones, it was such a mess and "Look" festival!

Fortunately, when can say right away which corpse is from a player or from a monster nowadays.

Well, at the current state, Tibia got an immense amount of outfits available. Making death corpses for every one would be quite expensive (like already said above). I would particularly like it, but I don't know if that would be a worth investment.
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Drawing different postures for different outfits is a LOT of work. Cipsoft already needs to make several sprites for each outfit:

  • Standing sprites (facing east & facing west, several frames for walking animations, with and without addons)
  • Mounted sprites (facing east & west, several frames for walking animations, with and without addons)
Together, those account for hundreds if not thousands of sprites. Adding dead bodies with outfits to that in all the stages of death would be an immense task - It also means they would need to keep making those sprites for each new outfit - that is probably not worth the investment for CipSoft right now.