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Gaz'haragoth casts UE which is said to deal 30k ENERGY dmg every time.

My question is: has any of you calculated how much of this dmg can each vocation block using energy protection equipment and imbuements?

How do those protections exactly stack? Are imbuements counted seperately?

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Those are best energy protection you can set on ED and MS with the top one you win +67,69% and if you have imbuements you can add +15% , but I'm not sure if that 15% applies to the existing 67% or how it works, whatever with the 67,69% of energy protection you low the Doom damage from 30000 to 9693.

With the 9639 of dmg from Doom with full mana, full Hp and magic shield you can hold it from level 300 without dying since on lvl 300 an ED or MS have 1645 hp and 8850 mana (10495 Together).

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Thanks for the answer. I'm really curious how imbuements stack with equipment. Many people say they are seperate. But I'm also not sure about it, haven't tested it.
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