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I am looking for good profit hunting place for EK. Now  83lvl skill 82/75.

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For profits I strongly recommend getting either addon or imbuements products.

Profitable hunts for an Elite Knight Level 83 82/75 could be:

Banuta upper/lower floors for 'Ape Furs', each is selling for around 7k. (All primates)
Meriana isles for 'Turtle Shells', each is selling for around 9k. (Thornback Tortoises have a higher chance)
Inner Orc Fortress for 'Broken Shamanic Staff', each is selling for around 4k. (Only from Orc Shammans)
Yalahar Alchemist Quarter, Ground Floor West Side - behind hills, for 'Sabretooth', each is selling for around 6k. (Only from Mutated Tigers)

There are some others, take a good look on what are the creature products needed for imbuements and needed for addons and compare the difficulty with the prices and evaluate it yourself.
That's what works for me.

Those prices do change often, they're an estimate from Oct 21, 2018 on Calmera.
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You can try sea serpents,lizards zao and hydras ornamond
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