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For a very long time I've heard that Avalanche and Great Fire Balls have the highest average damage.

  • Is it true? If a creature is neutral to every element, my rune of choice should be either Ava or GFB? 
  • Is it confirmed that Thunderstorms and Stoneshower have the lowest "base damage"?
  • Is the base damage for GFB / AVA identical? Or is one slightly stronger than the other?

In my opinion, they should have all equal base damage... let's say I'm a level 200 mage with magic level 70 and my avarage damage with Avalanches is 200 (on neutral creatures), for GFB, Thunderstorms and Stoneshowers, shouldn't the average damage also be 200? 

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I adjusted the question title - I hope this still correctly reflects what you had in mind

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Thunderstorms and Stoneshowers are for lower level so basically thier damage should be lower than Avalanche or Great Fireball runes :D

But when Im using Calc from Tibiopedia.pl It shows they are equal.


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Well its not my program to calculate that, I just used what promoted fansite give to me. :)