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Using a Mysterious Voodoo Skull 100 times will get you the Superstitious Achievement. You can use the Skull once every 20 hours. 

My question is can you use 2, 3 or more skulls to get the achievement faster?

Any help much appreciated

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Yes. It is possible. It is confirmed, I was using over 20 skulls daily and got the achievement after using it 100 times. It is a good idea to borrow the skulls from your friends.
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Remember to keep it in house or guildhouse, it has this 20h cooldown and need to "reload". In depo it won't.
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You can't use the same doll more than once in less than 20 hours. You can use another dolls in this 20 hours the get the achievement Superstitious.

By using it you can get many messages:

Remember !!! "It's not time yet." - doesn't count to the achievement!

Also I found something more interesting on TibiaFandom - link 

The "Never say 'oops'. Always say 'ah, interesting!'" fortune is rarer than the others, it has a chance of around 0.2% of appearing. Several of these are popular phrases borrowed from elsewhere, such as the dragon line, which spoofs Tolkien's "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger."

Source - Tibiopedia1 ; Tibiopedia2

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Yes, It is possible the faster way I did it was telling my friends to borrow me all the mysterious skulls they have so I get like 20 skulls, like this is really faster way to get the achievement.