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This question has been marked as spoiler, which means that either the question itself or the answers may contain detailed quest walkthrough.

Warning: Quest spoilers may or may not appear on this thread, since the most important part of the hunting ground can only be accessed if you got the keys needed on the Deeper Fibula Quest.

Fibula is a mysterious island with an immersive atmosphere to explore on the undergrounds of the city. On the famous Deeper Fibula Quest area, we can find a decent hunting spot of Dragons that may be very welcomed to players that want to venture themselves on this cave after accomplishing the quest. Also, a noteworthy Rotworm hunting ground complex exists there, with a big concentration of this creature readily available to be killed by low level players eager to obtain experience. We also should point out the interesting "destroyed city" section, with Bonelords roaming around.

Besides that, one thing makes me scratch my head: Is there any way to take to the surface the loot amassed on backpacks that was accumulated on the underground? Apparently, we can't pull the loot from the well that we had to go through in order enter there... It means that we can't thrown around our lootbag out of there in order to sell it to Hardek or anyone else?

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I think u can’t take any lootbag to suface neither remember to have a mailbox in fibula....so no u can’t make lootbags in fibula.