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need some ideas to decorate my new house the lonely sea side hostel in carlin, any suggestion and decors ideas will be of great help!

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I have several suggestions for you.

The leaves look very good  and small leaves  Here you can find the answer how to get and transport them.

Wooden Truck  Stool   You can get them from the ship when Yasir appears. Rottin Woods House

Timber chair In Venore south where Norman the Foreman is and Rottin Woods House.

Taboret  When Yasir spawn on ship. Rottin Woods House.

Cabinet   Rottin Woods House. Outlaw camp.

Arcea Palm    Can be found in buildings throughout Venore.

Ficus Benjamina Can be found in buildings throughout Venore.

Pottet Pland  Carlin Queen Eloise 

Venorean chair , Venorean stool,Kidney Table Can be found in buildings throughout Venore.

Icy Mammoth tusks   Here you will find the answer how to get it.

Unfortunately, all these items have to be pushed into the city. It is time consuming but I think it's worth it. I use them myself for decoration.

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Wow so I need to drag from venore all the way to Carlin?
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Sadly yes, cuz those items are not carryable into your backpack.
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Yes, it's a bit annoying and takes a lot of time, but it's really worth it. I recommend moving several at once. Some of these items appear from time to time, you may be surprised if you do not find them, because a lot of people use them to decorate their houses.
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