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I really want to make a golden room in my house. Of course, gold coins won't just cut it. Any other ideas I can use for decorating this room? Any priced items will do...

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By Theme:

Lion PlateLion RodLion WandLion AmuletLion AxeLion LongswordLion HammerLion Shield- Lion Plate, Rod, Wand, Amulet, Axe, Longsword, Hammer, Shield

Umbral Master Bow , Umbral Master CrossbowUmbral MasterbladeUmbral Master SlayerUmbral Master SpellbookUmbral Master Chopper-, Umbral Master Axe Umbral Bow,  Crossbow, Masterblade, Masterslayer, Master Spellbook , Master Chopper, Master Axe


Noble ArmorGolden ArmorLavos ArmorYalahari ArmorZaoan Armor-- Noble, Golden, Lavous, Yalahari, Zaoan- Armor

Divine Plate- Divine Plate

Royal Draken Mail- Royal Draken Mail

Royal Scale Robe- Royal scale Robe


Golden LegsYalahari Leg Piece- Golden, Yalahari Legs


Golden Boots,Draken BootsFirewalker Boots- Golden, Draken, Firewalker Boots

Shields & Spellbooks:

Snake God's Wristguard- Snake's God Wristguard

Spellbook of EnlightenmentSpellbook of Warding- Spellbook of Enlightenment, Warding

Blessed ShieldJournal ShieldOrnamented ShieldPlate Shield,Warrior's ShieldScarab ShieldShield of Destiny (Activated)Shield of Honour- Blessed, Journal, Ornamented, Plate, Warrior's, Scarab Shield & Shield of Destiny, Honour


 item,item,itemitem- Golden, Winged, Elite Draken, Mining Helmet

item- Ceremonial Mask,

item- Sedge Hat

item- Ancient Tiara, 


Birthday Backpackitem- Birthday, Golden Backpack,

Golden Bag- Golden Bag


Axes:Golden Axe- Golden Axe, item- Noble Axe, item- Golden Sickle,item- Heavy Trident, item- Ravager's Axe, item- Hive Scythe, item- Solar Axe

Clubs: item- Light Mace, item- Queen's Sceptre, item, Deepling Staff, Deepling Squelcher- Deepling Squelcher,   item- Amber Staff, item- Hammer of Wrath, item- Snake God's Sceptre,item- Blessed Sceptre, item- Thunder Hammer

Swords: item- Summer Blade, item- Thaian Sword, The Epiphany- The epiphany, item- The Warlord Sword, 

Bows/ Crossbows: item- Musician's Bow, item Elvish Bow, 

Trophies & Fansites:

item- Golden Newspaper

item- Golden Warrior Trophy, 

item- Golden Trophy of Excellence

item- Imortus

item -Badge of Glory

item- Golden Bug Trophie's 

item- Dragon Eye

item- Dragon Goblet

item- Friendship Amulet

Golden Falcon- Golden Falcon

item- Abacus

item- Tibiora's Box

Key of Numerous Locks- Key of Numerous Locks

Gilded Birthday Cup- Gilded Birthday Cup

item- Lion Trophy

Holy Icon- Holy Icon


Gold Deed- Gold Deed

Gold CupGold Cup- Gold Cup

Golden Crown- Golden Crown


item & item- Giant and Small Topaz

Taming Items :

item- Golden Can of Oil

item- Golden Fir Cone

item- Hunting Horn

item- Music Box

item- Scorpion Sceptre

item- The Lion's Heart

item- Tin Key

item- Maxilla Maximus

item- The Regalia's of Suon

Miscellaneous :

item- Tearesa

item- Stuffed Toad

item- Teddy Bear

itemitemitem- Amber, Amber with Fly, Amber with a Dragonfly

Chopped Lion Mane Petals- Chopped Lion Mane Petals

item- Gold Nuggets

item- Golem Head

item- Bar of Gold

item- Gold Inglot

item- Gold Token

item- Gold Coin

item- Scarab Coin

item- Gold Nugget

Cursed Gold- Cursed Gold

item- Golden Goblet

item- Dragon Crown

item- Fafnar Symbol

item- Dragon Figurine

item- Golden Lotus Brooch

item- Golden Talon

item- Ceremonial Ankh

item- Spellwand

item- Brockade Tapestry

Yellow Tapestry- Yellow Tapestry 

item- Filled Cup

item- Incandescent Crown

Golden Prison Key- Golden Prison Key

Golden Brush- Golden Brush

Golden Mask- Golden Mask

item- Holy Soil

item- Magic Sulphur

item- Banana Skin

Tibia Store:

Golden Demon Skull- Golden Demon Skull,

item- Chest of Abundance

Golden Minotaur Skull- Golden Minotour Skull

Incomprehensible Riches- Incomprehensible Riches

Lit Protectress Lamp- Lit Protectress Lamp

Ornate Mailbox- Ornate Mailbox

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There is the list of the items I consider are pretty good for decoration with a golden theme some of them are not only yellow or doesnt have yello at all but IMO  it might look pretty cool for your decoration.

 Gold Ingot

 Amber with a Dragonfly

Bar of Gold

 Giant Topaz

 Gold Nuggets

 Scarab Coin

 Ground Reed

 Veldt Flowers

 Sulphur Blossom Lamp (Lit)

 Lit Protectress Lamp

Rolled-up Star Carpet

 Small Golden Taboret 

White Silk Flower

 Chopped Lion Mane Petals

 Dinky Moss Floret

 Lit Torch (Pretty light source)


 Golden Nuggets

 Golden Symbol of Suon

 Chest of Abundance

  Incomprehensible Riches

 Soothe Bloom

 Soul Net

 Golden Boots

 Ornamented Shield

 Golden Hyena Pendant

 Fanfar Symbol

 Lion Crest

I'd like to share Bruzzy's new site, Tibia Home, there are several amazing decorations that shouldn't be missed!

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Thanks for the gold items :) I love the incomprehensible richest the best for sure
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You welcome!! :) Yes Do you want me to write the prices, there is some items that are from quest or from monsters, I can make a Table with all details if you want :D
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no prices can get outdated sometimes ill wait some more answers if any gold items others recommend. not sure how u can outdo ur answer though, so thnx again :)
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may I ask how do you get golden nuggets? I can't find them anywhere D:
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From Black Bert he also sels the silver nuggets ;)
by (122 points)
thank youuu!!
by (5,706 points)
You welcome!!
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