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Is it worth to change to a world server that is closer in order to reduce Ping? What benefits would that bring? Would that be worth the price of transfering the character (750 Tc)?

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The best way to find out would be to create a character on such a server and play it for a couple of hours. You can monitor your latency and see if it's better than on your current server (see How to check my FPS and ping). Of course, you should also be able to determine whether the game seems smoother just by playing and hunting a bit.

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Ping is smaller (80-100ms vs 200-220ms), but the question is more related to how ping affect game play. With low ping, will the character run faster? Cast spells faster? Is the difference noticeable?

I tried to hunt with another character in this other world, and it seems to be smoother, but the character has different level and stats, so It's hard to evaluate the difference. Also I don't know if the difference I noticed was  a placebo or not. For me the character seemed faster and going up/down stairs seemed also faster, but do these things really change with a lower ping? What exactly should improve if the ping is reduced?
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Essentially, ping indicates how much time it takes to communicate between the client and the server. Simplifying, that means if your ping is 200ms and you press an arrow on your keyboard to move a character, it will take 200ms until your character actually moves. This affects any action you do via the Tibia client.
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Yes it is worth playing in a server with lower ping but its worth transfering and pay 750 coins ? I think its not, but thats up to you if you think you can lvl up all over again or just waste 750coins...