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I just realized that a Pit Demon has the same effect like a trophy stand. You can put an item on top of it and that one won't just "lay on the ground" (see picture with Mini Mummies).


If I click the Pit Demon (brown) it says:

11:20 You see a brown pit demon.
It weighs 5.00 oz.
Figurine 1 of 5.

Now I wonder what happens if I stack 5 Pit Demons (maybe different colour?) on top of each other. Does something happen?


Since it says "Figurine 1 of 5" I wonder if something happens if you stack them in the right order.

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Well...l tried different combinations having all the pit demons... 5 to 1, 1 to 5 and mixed. the only thing that happens to them is that one stack crashes when there are 5 of them and that's it. but the fact that it raises an item is a really useful fact.

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They don't stack in your backpack but I think you already know that. Now, If you put them on the floor, one on the another, they will build up into layers. I mean it will look just as if you put an item on a table - it will change its position. So, three demons will build into a kind of a 'column' and that stack will look similar to 3 pawns put one on another :) Quite a cool combo for decoration.
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Hello, this question is kind of obvious for what will happen but anyway let's go to it:

There are currently 5 pit demon trophies. What differentiates them are their colors and their rarity. If you stack them on top of each other nothing special will happen. As they have the same sprit the one above will cover all the others that are below and it will only be possible to see the last pit demon to be stacked. For example:

you start putting all the pit demons in a skm: 1st black, 2nd blue, 3rd red, 4th brown and last green. In this result, all the others except the green were hidden.
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You are wrong, did you make the test?
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Pit Demons lift items up
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Sorry, maybe I was not clear enough. Since it says "Figurine 1 of 5" I thought something special happens if you stack all of them in the right order. I will add this to my question.
And I am pretty sure you will see more than one pit demon btw because like the picture shows, the pit demon "lift the Mini Mummy up". So I am pretty sure you did not test it..
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information not congruent with the game mechanic for item stacking