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The 23rd of August 2010 the role of voluntary Gamemasters came to an end. Due the growth of rule enforcement tools, Cip has determined that volunteer Gamemasters are no longer needed , hence voluntary Gamemaster's were deleted entirely from the game. Some became senators, whilst others became senior tutors.

Their job was to find bugs , to help ingame and to look for botters to avoid them to use cheats in a more efficient way ( in my opinion).

So what do you think guys , we need gamemasters back ingame or its enough with the anticheat?

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TL:DR:  In my opinion the gamemaster could be activated again  for investigating reports of players (bugs, harrasaments, small types of bots)

I think that the anticheat tool is good for removing the huge mass botting/cavebotting but I think that the gamemasters could be helpfull to check the macros or other types of bots that in some way can even cheat the tool and it would be helpfull for detecting bugs or even to have someone to report bc I don’t know if its only the server I play but when I look for a tutor in help chat I never find one so if I find some bug in the game I can’t report to cipsoft myself (not directly even mail them it would take a lot more time) and ofc to help other players nowadays if you have any problem with other players you can try to ban them but they will never get warned or banned from the game and maybe gamemasters could help with this kind of problem.
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As workers from Cipsoft and not regular players with god power, yes they need back to the game, to check bug and some PA guild players.
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Power abuse is part of the game. Nothing to be checked there. Bugs are reported in game or on tutor boards and usually forwarded within a day. Those reasons won't bring back GMs.
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Mata Rindo cof cof
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Think they haven't enough work to do nowadays