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What is Wind-up key and how to get it? This item is needed for something?

I found this item at a market.

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Wind-up key is one of the two items needed to get the new train mount. You get it from the Lucky Dragon minigame on the north exit of Thais when the dragon steps on the middle purple tile in Thais/ yellow tile in Carlin.

It is also confirmed that it is loot from Lord retro (rare drop).

The second item needed is wind-up loco. You get it during the 25 Years of Tibia quest.
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I dont think so, I mean never see it.
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No, it's not. You can only get the loco from the quest.
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This item and Wind-Up Loco are needed to get the Gloothomotive mount.
Obtainable during the Tibia's 25th Anniversary Lucky Dragon minigame.

or loot at lord retro,or buy em on market!