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What's the history of TibiaQA?

Where were the motivations or ideas of who created TibiaQA?

Who founded it and why?

When did TibiaQA become a promoted fansite?

Who are the admins of TibiaQA currently?

What has changed over time?
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I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "Where did it come?" and "Who rules TibiaQA nowadays?"
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> What were the motivations of who created it; what idea led to it?
> Who are the admins?

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Founder, History and motivation

The fansite was launched on December 28, 2017 by Ellotris Guardian.

The motivation was to build a knowledge base for the Tibian community and to promote community participation through questions and answers (tibia.fandom.com).


The moderation of this fansite is something very interesting and different, because it is moderated by the community itself (tibia.fandom.com).

To keep everything running smoothly, Ellotris Guardian relies on the help of three dedicated moderators.

1. Camarluk

2. Xarkost Eilia

3. Shawtay

(news archive - tibia.com)

Promoted Fansite 

TibiaQA became a supported fansite on August 20, 2018

TibiaQA became a promoted fansite on December 10, 2019 


Fansite item

The Omniscient Owl was created by Makadamia as part of the Fansite Item Design contest. It was introduced into the game with the Summer Update 2019 (news archive - tibia.com).

"Omniscient Owl is given as a reward when users reach 5000 reputation points" (Ellotris Guardian).

"A symbol of huge knowledge whole over the world is definitely an Owl. It was my first thought. Simple, clear and nice idea. I decided to create a mascot for TibiaQA.com in my favourite 3D style, not just view from the front of the item"  (Makadamia).


Some rules have been adjusted, as well as other changes, most of this information and news can be found in the Meta TibiaQA.

Welcome to TibiaQA! Please make sure to review the Help Center and our Code of Conduct before posting!
Omniscient Owl Contribute and receive
the Omniscient Owl!
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