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I have realised that Owin is in Archfoe group, unlike like Feroxa or other bosses spawning once in awhile- Dharalion or Man In the Cave. Even if his spawn could be triggered, it would still be classified as Bane ( for example Mad Mage). How does Owin’s spawn works? Can I find him somewhere else than Grimvale?

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Owin will respawn only in Grimvale, as he is “living” in there. He is now main researcher for were-sickness. Owins spawn depends on two “cool-downs” of respawning:

  •          He will appear every month only during Full Moon event (which would classified him into Nemesis group)
  •          He will spawn frequently during the Full Moon –approximately every hour during Tibian’s night from what I noticed (which would classified him into Bane group)

As there are two specifics for his respawn, he was classified in between – as Archfoe.

So if it is Full Moon, it is worth to visit the cave every now and then! First 5 kills is 10 points already!