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As a Druid its kinda uselss on non pvp, nobody buys it because u cant use its on many monsters worth killing for good loot, and only druids can use which takes 1.4k mana and besides a decoration its useless on non pvp worlds

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The only way Paralyze would be useful in PvE would be if it was an Area of Effect (AoE) rune/spell. If that was the case, then it would be helpful in situations where you must run for your live, for example. But it would actually be way too powerful, so I don't think it's an option.

Another possibility would be to make it necessary in some specific boss fight, just like some bosses require you to use Convince Creature, for example. But that would be a specific situation and not a day to day use.
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In my opinion Paralyze rune was made for pvp reasons, that's why I don't think it should become usfeul on non pvp worlds.

Nevertheless, it is possible to fight in warmode on non pvp which is giving players possibility to use parals.
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The price on mana/money/cap is to high to be really useful at the end it because this only affect a single target and Druids don't hunt in regular times only with one target.