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We know that "Tibia" is a game full of mysteries. However in version 12.12 were included two very curious items! "Cryana" and "Teresa" with reference to "crying" and "Tears". Are those items available to obtain? Or is it some future quest? Or inacessible item?

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I wonder if those may be related to the upcoming Demon's Lullaby world quest - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Demon's_Lullaby
Those items resemble the Demon Infant a lot - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Demon_Infant
Maybe we will see a change to this quest this year. We will see in a couple of days :)
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^^ Hello! good theory, the incredible looks of these two babies are beautiful.

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Logic says you can't prove a negative, so I can't promise you that they can't be obtained now. But the evidence suggests that right now, they are unobtainable.

First of all: there are three of them, you forgot to mention Badbara.

When these 3 dolls were implemented, there was also a new achievement related to the Bewitched event implemented. When asked about this, CipSoft said that it was done for a reason that would later become clear. To me it sounds like they were working on this specific event and, perhaps, another one as well. So these dolls could be either part of an extension of the Bewitched event or a completely new one.
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Makes all the sense! thank you. I really forgot the third Badbara doll.
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As I am new to the site, I believe I can not edit and implement Badbara :(
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Yes they are obtainable in the demon lullaby world quest :D
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Tibia.com news "This year, three new demon babies have been added to the reward pool! Let's give a warm welcome to Badbara, Tearesa and Cryana."
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It would be good to expand this answer (or post a new one). How exactly are they obtainable, what one needs to do, etc.
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We need some days to completed the task with the babies and see the reward!
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But it says they added this dolls in the reward so you just need to take care of the baby to have a chance to get this dolls or the old ones...
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I think it's very cute but I think it's from a future quest
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who knows right ^^
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