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I was wondering which items awarded only during contests (especially fansite items, but also medals, etc.) can be worn, and in which slot.

For example, you can equip the Shield of Destiny  in the shield slot. Can any other item be equipped and if so in which slot?

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Fansite Items who can be equipped:

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Shield of Destiny, Adamant Shield and Journal Shield you can put in the shield slot. However it's impossible to do it with Majestic Shield, since it's treated more like "tapestry" (it is hangable).

The Epic Wisdom you can put in the helmet slot.

Midnight Panther Doll you can put in the arrow/light slot.

I've checked also Epaminondas Doll, Memory Box, Ferumbras Doll, Crunor's Heart, Yellow Rose and Nightmare Doll - we can not put it in any slot.

We can not put in equip slot any of trophy (warrior/excellence) or medal.

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Many thanks! :)
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As I've already mentioned in the comments - I'm not so sure if War Backpack is wearable. Fansite items have to be useless, just deco - shields have def. 0 etc. It means that War Backpack can not be a container!

- Where is info about no slot in War Backpack?

You don't need any excact info. All you have to do is to click "look" on this item.


As you can see on screenshots here, War Backpack is writable! Moreover it has no info about slots - "(vol.20)", which you can find on any other backpack-container.

To sum up - maybe it is possible to wear it in the container slot (we don't know it), but I'm sure that we can not use it as a container like any other backpack.

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they should insert slots in my opinion... This item looks too cool to be a not equipable one, hehe.
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War Backpack is putable too. I have never seen him, but I think he is treated like the rest of the bpcs.

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where information about no slot?
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It would be great if we could use as a normal Bachpack
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No, it doesn't say it in the Cyclopedia unless it's bugged but I highly doubt you can put it in your backpack or arrow slot.. sadly :(
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To know if a fansite or contest item can be equipped you should check out the Cyclopedia it will mention if an item can be equipped or if it has capacity. Also, if the fansite has a replica it will have the same ability. Fun fact, it appears no current fansite or contest item can be equipped in your weapon, boots, armor, legs, or backpack slot! I will sort it by slots for easier readability-

NeckShield HandExtra Slot (arrow/torch slot)Head
Friendship AmuletFriendship Amulet.gifAdamant ShieldAdamant Shield.gifBlue SphereBlue Sphere.gifThe Epic WisdomThe Epic Wisdom.gif
Lucky Clover AmuletLucky Clover Amulet.gifMathmaster ShieldMathmaster Shield.gifMidnight Panther DollMidnight Panther Doll.gifDark Wizard's CrownDark Wizard's Crown (Activated).gif
Jade AmuletJade Amulet.gifShield of DestinyShield of Destiny (Activated).gifBaby MunsterBaby Munster (Activated).gifLaurel Wreath (a gift to tutors, I wouldn't count this as a contest item but I'll leave it here because it's interesting)Laurel Wreath.gif
Gold MedalGold Medal.gifJournal ShieldJournal Shield.gif
Silver MedalSilver Medal.gifShield of Endless SearchShield of Endless Search.gif
Bronze MedalBronze Medal.gif
Please note prizes can change, but I am going to post images of only true items obtained from fansites at the moment (the Laurel Wreath doesn't count) Source: of pictures and lists of Contest Prizes and Fansite Items