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What is the exact chance that special monsters will appear during torch inflammation?

Does every torch has the same chance?

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In my experience, the chance for creatures to spawn at each of the 10 Lightbearer basins seems to be different and random. My server is Pacera and every year since the start we all do our part and help with the event, so I was grateful to stand at each basin for at least 2 hours each.

The basin with the lowest percentage for creatures to spawn according to my documentation was Plains of Havoc at 25% and the highest percentage for creatures to spawn was Tarpit Tombs at 76.47%. Sometimes it was hard to tell if the creatures spawned because of the previous player lighting the basin or not so I could imagine my calculations aren’t exactly on the mark, but I am confident I’m close to it. It also would've been helpful to have the same amount of lightings for each basin but trust me, looking at 10 lightings I do not see any similarities so the more results the better. It was a little hard because some basins were also lit more than others.

I was very detailed and realized day or night had nothing to do with any of the Lightbearer creatures, I cannot notice a pattern only that it seems to be a random chance that they spawn and the waves only spawn for 5 minutes if a wave was created. I noticed it seems each wave brings us 1-6 creatures if created. The creatures tend to not disappear if you don’t kill the waves so sometimes you could walk into a spawn filled with 20+ Lightbearer creatures let’s say if 3 people lit and walked away. Anywho, would be interesting to try this again on another event to compare my results but here is a chart based on my finding at each basin: 

Lightbearer BasinChance to spawn
Edron65% or 13 out of 20 times the creatures spawned
Drefia36.36% or 4 out of 11 times the creatures spawned
Tarpit Tomb76.47% or 13 out of 17 times the creatures spawned
Hellgate56.25% or 18 out of 32 times the creatures spawned
Svargrond44,44% or 8 out of 11 times the creatures spawned
Kazordoon41.94% or 13 out of 31 times the creatures spawned
Ramoa33.33% or 4 out of 12 times the creatures spawned
Forbidden Islands58.82% or 10 out of 17 times the creatures spawned
Plains of Havoc25% or 4 out of 16 times the creatures spawned
Yalahar46.15% or 6 out of 13 times the creatures spawned
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There is no info about the exact chance of monsters spawning after torch inflammation but I think its random, one year I got killed lots of times because of these monsters spawning at low levels basins and another year I couldn’t kill any monster after using the torch in the basin..
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Each random event has a certain chance of occurence. That's what the question is about
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ok but didn’t see any place that show that chance of occurence thats why I gave an example but only can answer that after testing again next year now
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I agree, this info likely isn't available anywhere yet. A test with enough light attempts can clear things up here. Also, basins can have different respawn rate, so they would need to be checked separately.
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There's no official information from Cipsoft, I also checked Wikia but there's no info about it on Quest Page, Basin Page, nor Creatures' Page.
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Thanks for posting but it's not helpful and that's why I downvoted. If there's no official statement this can be tested and the results of such tests published