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I am trying to kill Ocyakao, and I wonder if I levitate on +1 floor above his respawn spot and wait there for him, will he respawn or will I block his resp?

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First of all I'll share my experience, but there is no official info about this topic.

In my opinion - yes, standing in a one place blocks floor resets. If floor reset is blocked no boss will appear. I could notice it when one girl long time ago was camping Ocyakao from 10 AM to 1 AM. She never killed it, while I was checking it when she was offline and easily killed Ocyakao several times. You can say that it is coincidence, but I noticed the same thing with many other bosses. If someone is camping on their spot, he usually doesn't meet the boss. Bosses used to appear when nobody is near. When place is empty for a while.

It also doesn't matter if you're standing on level 0 or +1. You block floor reset in both cases.

Of course there are some situations that seems to be exceptions, but in fact it's not. For example I was standing there for 10 minutes and suddenly boss appeard - it was possible, because floor reset already happened (maybe 1 hour before).

Another exception is the last day when boss may appear - during last day boss rather MUST appear so floor resets are not so important.

Last thing, which for me is very important is to think, if it's really nice to camping bosses (generally), because in my opinion it is very rude to other players. We are not the only on the server, who want to meet some bosses. We should act fair. People used to camp bosses because of selfish reasons. They want an item, so they will disturb everybody. As a result, they won't kill the boss because they were blocking the respawn, but other people won't kill it neither, because boss will appear for example at night when nobody checks it (in case of Ocyakao it probably won't happen, it is the most wanted boss).
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I confrim Pochwalona's answer. There used to be a guild on Nerana who used to camp Shlorg and other bosses for days.
And it happened once that I checked the spawn just after member of this guild logged of (and he had camped it all day). Shlorg spawned just next to me like one minute after.
This is really advanced bosshunting knowledge here. :)
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Yes, I also confirm this theory. I remember checking out Ocyakao often by logging out on +1 noob character. One person was standing there a few hours without a break. I added it to a vip list and waited for it to log out. After some time he logged out, I checked after a few minutes and met the boss. I don't know if it was luck, but I'm more sure that the person who was waiting there just blocked the resp.