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Hi! I have another account that is free that has some good makers so I'm thinking of the possibility to use them to check bosses, but I wanna know what bosses are possible to check in free account areas. I already know about  Dharalion, so what other bosses can I face as a free account? I will appreciate if you can tell the minimum level required and what is the valuable item I can get. Thanks in advance.

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Orc on orc fortress - old and used backpack (always)

Fernfang (PoH teleport) only druids can access - wooden whistle (u must kill it with at least IMO 20lvl)

Demodras PoH dragon lair - dragon claw 50+lvl

The horned fox - nose ring Mintwallin 45+ IMO to kill it.

Orc raids (warlords) on Femor Hills (its sure they sometimes drop parts of amazon set, have seen a movie on YouTube)

Orc raids on Carlin/Thais. I haven't seen any proof they drop the amazon set, but many persons say so.

All details about these bosses You can easily find on tibia fansites/YouTube.

Have fun, good luck boss hunter!

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When I had more time to spend on checking bosses I used my free account to check:

  • Dharalion - you can loot Cornucopia ,
  • Zevelon Duskbringer (Hellgate) - you can loot Vampire Lord Token . I think hre minimum level to slain the boss is about 50.
  • Rotworm Queen (Hellgate) - you can loot Gland . Level 8 with Stealth Ring is absolutely enough.
  • Fernfang - you can loot Wooden Whistle You should have at least 20 level in my opinion.
  • Orc raid on Fermor Hills - very rare drop is Amazon Set,
  • rare Orc on Orc Fortess - you can loot Old and Used Backpack . Level 8 with stealth ring should be enough :)
  • The Horned Fox - you can loot Nose Ring

To be honest I don't like to suggest "minimum level" because it all depends on our skills, experience.

Of course it's not the only what you may check on FACC area, but in my opinion it was worth to focus on these bosses, becase it's most profitable!

If you're a "real bosshunter" hehe, I mean if you like to meet other bosses just for fun, not for profit - worth to check Rukor Zad, Foreman Kneebitter, Yaga The Crone etc.

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You have quite a few options when it comes to hunting bosses in the free zone, and they range from weak bosses like Ferfang to relatively strong bosses like Demodras.

Then I will present a small guide on its location, recommended level to face it and valuable loot. We will start from the weakest to the strongest.

Rare Orc in Orc Fortess:  Orc Basically it is equal to a normal orc, with a few stealth rings will be enough to kill him with a level 8, I only recommend that someone take you to where he appears, since there are creatures like the Orc Shaman and the Orc Leader that are immune to invisibility (that is if you go with a level eight), the valuable loot that this creature can give us is an old and used backpack  Old and Used Backpack  (it has a value between 3.5kk to 5.9kk depending on the server), which can be exchanged for a dwarven armor with the npc Sams in Thais.

It can be found at Orc Fortess exactly at this location:

Rotworm Queen:  Rotworm Queen This boss is only slightly stronger than a Carrion Worm, you can easily kill him with a level 8 using stealth rings, this boss's valuable loot is a gland Gland (it has a value between 200k to 300k depending on the server). Important fact, you need the key 3012 to open the doors that lead to hellgate, it is obtained through the npc Elathriel for a cost of 5000gp, also note that you need parcels to be able to exit if you are a free account.

In the free zone you can find it in Hellgate, exactly in this place: 

Fernfang:  Fernfang For this boss it is necessary that you are Druid / Elder Druid, since they are the only ones that can enter the portal where this boss appears. I recommend that you be at least level 30 when facing it, keep in mind that the boss appears alongside War Wolves, so bringing some avalanches with you would not hurt. The valuable loot from this boss is Wooden Whistle Wooden Whistle (has a value between 2.5kk to 6kk depending on the server)

It can be found in Plains of Havoc, exactly at this location: 

The Horned Fox:    The Horned Fox  It is quite rare to find this boss, the recommended level to face this boss is 30 +, it is worth bringing area runes such as avalanches or great fire balls, since it becomes invisible and summons Minotaurs Guards and Archers. The valuable loot of this boss is the nose ring Nose Ring (it has a value between 250k to 500k depending on the server) and dwarven helmet Dwarven Helmet (it has a value between 600k to 900k depending on the server). Important fact, another way to confront this boss is to perform the task given by the NPC Budrik of the 5000 Minotaurs.

It can be found at Horned fox lair, exactly at this location:

General Murius:  General MuriusThis boss is quite similar to The Horned Fox, the only difference is that it has a little more life, and more units appear alongside it (Minotaurs Guard, Minotaurs Archer and Minotaurs Mage). This boss can be defeated from level 30, always have expansive runes on hand to kill all the minotaurs that accompany him, and thus do not hinder you when defeating him. The valuable loot of this boss is a dwarven helmet  Dwarven Helmet(it has a value between 600k to 900k depending on the server)

It can be found in Mintwallin, exactly in this place:

Yeti:  YetiDespite not being a boss properly, it can be a good option to get 50 charms points and get the famous Bunnyslippers, the recommended level would be 40+ since a combo between your wave and a melee hit could be fatal, they usually appear one to three. As I mentioned before, the valuable loot is the Bunnysslippers Bunnyslippers (it has a value between 50kk to 75kk depending on the server)

 It can be found in Folda, around this place:

Femor hills orc raids:  Orc Warlord  These raids are a bit difficult to find, since they have no prediction, they just need to be reviewed whenever possible, they contain all kinds of orcs, and it is the Warlord Orcs that should be prioritized , since from them we will get Amazon armor Amazon Armor, Amazon helmet Amazon Helmetand Amazon shield Amazon Shield (objects valued between 150kk and 300kk) I personally think that for these raids at least be level 50, since the orc warlord go out in closed spaces, making it impossible to kill them while we run away from them.

The Femor Hills Orc Raid is located exactly here:

Zevelon Duskbringer: Zevelon DuskbringerThe path to this boss is similar to that of the Rotworm Queen, I recommend having area runes with you since it becomes constantly invisible, and be careful since it invokes Vampires. From level 50 you can face this boss, the valuable loot of this boss is the vampire tokens Vampire Lord Token (it has a value between 200k to 400k depending on the server).

It can be found at hellgate, around this place:

The Old Widow: The Old WidowRegarding this boss, you should only be attentive to the warnings from the server, since when it is about to leave, the following warning appears: “The mating season of the giant spiders is at hand. Leave the plains of havoc as fast you can ”This boss has considerable damage, so you should never trust yourself, the recommended level is at least 80. The valuable loot of this boss is the spool of yarn Spool of Yarn.gif (has a value between 130k to 200k depending on the server) and sweet smelling bait Sweet Smelling Bait (has a value between 140k to 240k depending on the server)

The location of this raids is in Plains of Havoc, exactly here:

Demodras:  DemodrasThe boss of the dragons, it is recommended to go from level 80, in case of being magicians I recommend the use of utamo vita, the valuable booty of this boss is the Dragon Claw Dragon Claw (it has a value between 500k to 700k depending on the server )

The location of this boss is in Plains of Havoc, exactly here:

It is not on the surface, its exact location is in a cave, whose entrance is hidden in this tree, as shown in the image, there you will get a path that will lead you to the boss}

It should be noted that the recommended levels are not strictly necessary to kill these bosses, it will also depend on your ability and skill.

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As I commented before, there are much more false information in this particular post, but I think I shouldn't change the meaning of the post. If author decided to give false info, then all I could do is to comment it and try to convince him to change it. I dodn't want to give a downvote because of obvious reasons, but this post definitely should get it. PS. There are many more questions about Amazon Set and Orc Raids on TIbiaQA with completely wrong answers, which unfortunately I had to unvote recently. I'll be thankfull if you put a downvote there or simply remove it.
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Thank you all for sharing all your knowledge.
I have some doubts that IDK what to do honestly, I searched the information about the General Murius and on tibiawiki says the Dwarven Helmet can be drop by him but you say isn't true.
About Fernfang, you are right and I would like to say that its only accessful by druids as Hospi says.
About the Orc Raid,I'm very thanks ful for your time to search all about it. I saw you was part of the investigation @Pochwalona.
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@Pochwalona My edit was concerned about the author original meaning. Thanks for telling me about the Amazon set. I've made sure to edit an error that I've wrote about the subject in the past here.