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Bard Doll Bard Doll  is obtainable by winning it in the fansites' contests on tibiaria.com.

However, I was not able to find who created the item & if anyone currently is the owner of the doll. 

Does anyone know the history of this item?

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Bard Doll was implemented into the game not a long time ago - with a patch 12.31.954. It presents a bard known from TibiaRia's logo:

TibiaRia.com didn't announce any "Fansite Item Contest", the creator of Bard Doll is Elfo Fantasma, founder and admin of the fansite.

I asked Elfo about the current owners:

Currently there are only 3 owners, me, Kadazin who is the artist of tibiaria and Helvans who updated and implemented contents to the website.

Now players can win Bard Doll in their "The MemeKing Contest" as a yearly reward.

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One of the owners Bard Doll is Krisph from Gladera. He won this doll in Tibia Movie Awards - comedy/funny category.