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I was wondering what the impact is if I am equipping an item (for example Yalahari Mask) which has a level requirement (in this case 80) and I happen to die which results in a loss of level below the required equipped level (79)?  I know that I won't be able to use Great Mana Potions until I have regained my level, but what happens with the equipped item? Does it stay equipped? If so, does it retain all the effects/bonuses?
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I couldn't find that question when I did a search in the engine.
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I'm not sure if the two questions are exact duplicates. The other one specifically mentions weapons (the formula or rules can be different for weapons and other equipment items)
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I agree. I've made a small edit in the other question, since the other one was actually more focused on weapons for knights.

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It is still possible to keep using the item, what happens when you use an item destined to a higher level is that you will miss some atributes from the item, basically you lose some stats of armor, atk, def may even loseelemental defense, for example.
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Ahh okay, interesting. Tthanks mate!
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Yes, exactly you will be able to use the armor but they atributes will not work.
You can check the changes on your Skills Windows.