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If I delete a char or it gets deleted I can use that name to create another one? After how many time, months, years?

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They never revealed how long it takes and what factors affect this time. All that is known is that it can take months or even years for the name to become available after a character is deleted.

See this FAQ entry as well: Error Message: "This name is already used." Even Though no Such Character Exists

There are many factors which determine how much time must have passed before the name of a deleted character can be used again. Note, however, that it can take several months or even years before such names are available again, so we recommend you choose a different name for your character.
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I not pretty sure but I saw some cases where it depends on some things. For example if the character is manually deleted then it takes around 2-6 months to be avaiable again to pick it , but it also depends on the lvl of the char. I mean that a lvl 200 deleted will have higher cooldown to release its name than a lvl 8. But im not sure 100% of this so dont take it as a rule , the number that I saw more to be a "rule" is about 6 months after delete. Hope it helps u