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I'm new here and I understand it as that you get the Omniscient Owl once you've earned yourself 5000points.

But how do you get it? What's the WHOLE process?

Do you message the owner of the site the name of your char?

Are they able to create the item themselves or do they have to message Cipsoft about it?

You do you get it in game? By parcel?

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To receive the Omniscient Owl, it's simple but it does involve a lot of work and dedication to TibiaQA. You can also view this in fansite item information:

1) Register on TibiaQA

2) Confirm your account

3) Start collecting points- Currently you need 5,000 points to receive the owl. This amount can change and please note, cheating is not tolerated on TibiaQA. Please also make sure to review the Help Center and the Code of Conduct before posting. I also recommend you look into TibiaQA Quick Tour.

4) You receive the Omniscient Owl by parcel from a CM which is requested by the fansite Admin. The fansite Admin, Ellotris Guardian, will contact you on the email registered with your account and will request your character's name and game world. However, you can also contact him.

Please note, you can only get one Omniscient Owl, l through the reward system. But you can also win it in other ways:

1) Purchasing from other players in-game

2) Fansite contests if the reward is the Omniscient Owl

3) If you're apart of the fansite TibiaQA team for 1 year (Source)

Also, in case you're interested in knowing: Who are all the users that received the Omniscient Owl?

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Would be nice they give a Trophy instead of a Letter!
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Trophy is a part of the reward. Letters are just to inform you about different things. Giving a trophy with info that rest of the prize you will get as soon as it will be implemented in game would be strange xD
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No, I means a trophy with a Congratulations or smth like that xD