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Most of the charm points require a long hunt to fully unlock the creature and obtain them. However, there are specific, rare, or seasonal creatures, that can provide with some quick charm points.

Some examples are:

  • Water Buffalo (30 charms points; 5 kills) - spawns around Venore every 4 hours
  • All lightbearer basin spawns creatures (460 charm points total; 5 kills each; only during Lightbearer)
  • Yeti (50 charm points; 5 kills) - rare Folda and Chyllfroest spawn

What are all the other quick and easy charm points that you can get in under 15 minutes, rather than during lengthy hunts? If the spawn is irregular or seasonal, please don't forget to mention that in your answer.

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Excellent question! I will certainly pay attention to answers made here!

Ellotris, is it ok to answer your question mentioning creatures like grynch goblins or undead jesters? Because it is very quick to get some charm points from these creatures once you are participating on a raid (5 and 3 kills respectively), but you need to wait a year to participate on such events most of the time...
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Yeah, as I mentioned seasonal creatures are fine. I only ask to clearly mark them in the answer, so that people are not confused.
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I even made sure to "lose" some extra time this april with my main char camping not very far away from carpets or boats, in order to make sure that I will come quickly to a raid and get killed undead jesters for my bestiary. They are killed quite fast by many people with aoe runes/areas so sometimes you might come to the raid area where everyone got them killed already :P but it is worth to lose time finding them at least once. Easy points to get!

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CreatureKills to full unlockCharm PointsLocationEvent/Quest
Iron Servant550Mage's TowerWorld Change "Their Master's Voice"
Golden Servant550Mage's TowerWorld Change "Their Master's Voice"
Diamond Servant550Mage's TowerWorld Change "Their Master's Voice"
Thornfire Wolf550ShadowthornWolrd Change "Thornfire"
Crystal Wolf550ShadowthornWolrd Change "Thornfire"
Midnight Panther550TiquandaX
Dryad550Ab'dendriel, Cormaya, Tiquanda, Edron and Carlin.World Change "Flower Month"
Crustacea Gigantica550Calassa or Tresure IslandX
Undead Cavebear550Lich HellX
Cake Golem530Carlin, Darashia, Edron, Liberty Bay and ThaisWolrd Quest "A Piece of Cake"
Goblin Leader530BeregarX
Troll Guard530ThaisMini World Change "Kingsday"
Wild Horse510ThaisWolrd Change "Horse Station"
Undead Jester 510Ab'dendriel, Ankrahmun, Carlin, Darashia, Edron, Gray Beach, Kazordoon, Liberty Bay, Oramond. Port Hope, Svargrond, Thais, Venore, Yalahar and Farmine.Aprils Fools Event
Grycnh Clan Goblin510Ab'dendriel, Ankrahmun, Carlin, Darashia, Edron, Gray Beach, Kazordoon, Liberty Bay, Oramond. Port Hope, Svargrond, Thais, Venore, Yalahar and Farmine.Santa Event
Dog251Thais or CarlinX
Cat251Carlin or YalaharX
Butterfly x4 (Red, Yellow, Blue and Pink)25 Each
(100 Total)
1 Each
(4 Total)
Port HopeX

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Looks better. The iron/golden/diamond servants also aren't a regular spawn. You first need to do the fungus cleaning of the "Their Master's Voice" world change. The mount creatures also aren't regular. Do you have any info on how often they spawn?
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Including the monsters already mentioned by Ellotris on the first post on your list would be a good move in my humble opinion, Trululu. I'm not an expert on easy monsters for bestiary, but the Goblin Leader and the Troll Guard can be done really fast as well if you know where to look for them :)
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I dont see the option to edit the table u.u
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