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If i have 100kks. Can I use that money in "something" thats its absolutly sure that its going to give me more money?
Because if you have 50, 100, 300kks, you dont do nothing with that, but, exist something in tibia to "invest"?

Like this : Buy 30kks in Potatoes and in 1 month you can sell it for 45kks

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Yes its posible to invest in Tibia but i really dont recomend you to buy rares and wait until that items get some value

Let my explain you why. Some time ago you can´t get items like: "Silver Mace, Dragon Scale Helmet, Demon Legs, etc".

but NOW this its how it work with that items

ItemPrice BeforePrice Now
Silver Mace200kk7kk
Demon Legs100kk5kk
Dragon Scale Helmet200-300kk3kk

 So buy some rares = bad idea 

Buy Fansite items its a good idea but not the best! because why if in a contest a Fansite give 3 fansite items in the same server? the cost of that item will decrease.

SO! how can I invert with 100% safe? 

I only can think in 1 item : Mouthpiece for a Horn "Mouthpiece for a Horn"

and why? in ALL servers you can buy 1 backpack of that item for 60-70k, if you use that item with the bones in Roshamuul, u get 1 cluster, and you can sell it for 12k or 13k so its between 9-7k for each mouthpiece for a horn.

And in 1 hunt u can collect maybe 100-150 bones or maybe more

thats 1.3kk or 1kk for hunt "only in bones" 

So: lets use maths, if you have 30kks and u want to get more money. ask in trade channel and buy alot of backpacks of that item "some people have 6.000 mouths for sell"

30kks -----> 10.000 or 8.500 Mouthpieces

Hunt daily there, 2 hunts in 1 day -> 200 - 300 bones for sure.

 So, in 1 Month and some days u can get 10.000 bones and if you sell ALL

thats 120kks

PROFIT 90kks in 1 month only in that

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This is cool idea and all but it requires more than just investing - making 2 hunts a day isn't that easy. Especially in Rosh.
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One of your chances would be to invest on rares. There are too many of them, but I can cite quickly as a very observable example of value growth the 15th anniversary bps, among other stuff from this exclusive event. The same goes to other legendary items, as Rune Emblems (golden preferably) or very rare historical items, as the Blessed Shield or the Yellow Rose. I would say that these anniversary items and some other related will have its price rise with the time.

However, rare items can be very expensive, and you still would have the risk of losing the whole value if it happens of being something that eventually gets popular on a monster drop (many legendary items eventually were added on creatures loot stats), so consider it the risk of your investment operation.

I would recommend special fansite items as another possible rare to be invested in a safe way, specially from the ones that were discontinued from the supported fansite program (thus, they will likely never grow in quantity, continuing on being scarce). Fansite items are usually pretty awesome to look at, can be great decorations for houses, and even with the occasional distribution of such items from time to time, they can be pretty high at value.

Make sure to calculate inflationary value of the gold on your server, your best guess to be assured of it is to compare the gp value with Tibia Coins value (EXAMPLE: if for some reason a lot of money is inserted on enormous quantity on your server for any reason, and now a great amount of money is circulating around on economical active players, Tibia Coins price will rise very highly, so it means that gold overall got a devaluation, making fair to you to correct the value of the rare with a bigger value on gold coins, and also add the correct value expected of it as a rare that you had the work to "conserve" on your account). Due to this, try to compare the price of rares with Tibia Coins, since they are a resource way more important for making money compared to ordinary gold coins. That's the modern situation to adjust prices on contemporary Tibia. Usually it all depends on what the other players are willing to pay on a rare, but understand that your value needs a reasonable price expected, since you got a big risk of having such money accumulated on a single item.

And again I gonna repeat the most important: Pay attention to the risk of this operation. Some items might show up as a ordinary loot at any update as a surprise and even fansite items can devalue due to continual insertion of such items in game, although I don't believe it as the main problem. It is lower the risk for anniversary items showing up in game legally again, but it stills a possibility. Rose Shields were added once again in game on anniversary after several years, but I can't say if it was a big hit on its prices.

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I would correlate that with real life.

I feel that investing money in anything, be it 'pretend' or not it can't be absolutely sure because otherwise it's an infinite source of money.
Although there are some investiments that have a very low chance of 'going awry' and therefore are considered good investiments.

I see that if you mean to invest, the only 'hard work' you mean to do should not be something such as 'buy supplies with it and go hunt', that's investing but I don't think that's what you mean, it should be at the Auction House / Market, buying and selling and that's where I'll begin.

I have done this on other MMORPGs and I've been extremely successful in all of them, except Tibia where I did just 'OK', nontheless, here's what I did and do.

- Imbuement Items / Rares / Potions / Items in general
    I don't do those, they're directly related to the amount of players, monsters they hunt and so on, that makes the market wide and too volatile.

-Tibia Coins
    After carefully watching the market for around one month you can evaluate the 'average' price and have an idea of when most people buy and sell and for what value they can go and most importantly, when that happens.
With that in mind, I buy TCs and Resell them at the best time.
Take in consideration
IRL payment - from 25th to 10th day of the month - People earn their money and then spend it.
IRL timezone - If the server population is predominantly from South America, then most players might be on from 18 to 2am (usually that's when most leave work/school in South America)
Tibia events - Rapid Respawn - Devovorga - Morgaroth - and so no
Player organized Tibia events - Quest services, Forum gatherings and so on.

So, with careful planning and some critical thinking, you can get a nice excel sheet and do some business inteligence and properly make some money.
I do recommend some further reading in other aspects, such as, doctorate and master thesis about Macroeconomics on the Digital World, about the impact of cheating on the Tibian market and so on.

At your own rist, you may take a look at a Thesis from Stephan himself about Tibia.

Let me know if you'd like to know more about it, I can elaborate.
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Yeah it is possible and you can make good money. Even I have started learning financial investment but it is hard to make a decision when you are almost a beginner. Currently stuck at calculation of Cost Inflation Index on capital assets. It will be great if anyone here could help!

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Longtime investments can be a bit tricky here because you don't know if in a next update they're going to make the rare you're hodling a new drop, is better to make short-term gains, like playing with Djinn, Rashid and Rathleton items
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tried to do it with wereboar hooves - thought it's a great idea as i bought them for 400 gp/each, after all i earned like 30k and got very nervous
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There are still plenty rares that continue to gain value over time like SoH and yellow rose, but you always run as risk of it dropping a lot from cip adding it to the game
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One of the most old ways: Buy/sell  Brown Mushroom

Brown Mushroom NPC by 10 GP

Sold it in market by 11 GP

Every Mushroom Sold u get 1 GB

So if you sell 1kk on Mushrooms won 100k

100kk to won 10kk ou only need TIME to buy and put in of market. The good part is 100% safe.

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