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I guess we all know it by now (specially if you are someone who follows frequently the Tibia official website) on how it made a huge chunk of the community dislike it because well, any population will dislike to pay more for something that had the same price for several years. You can check the thread right here (hitting almost 60 pages on less than 4 days):


Still, is it really something that will put a stop to the inflationary prices on Tibia? Or we don't have a big problem on that subject on your opinion? What do you think about this completely new action made by Cipsoft? Was it good or bad for the inflation displayed on Tibia Worlds? If you didn't like it, what would be the best action to take on this case?

Any answer will be welcomed.

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There is an issue with the Tibian Economy and it has been identified long ago.

This document here is the Master Thesis of Stephan, one of the four founder os CipSoft and creators of Tibia.

In order to have a stable and healthy economy there must be many changes, such changes will definitely not occur due it being a game.

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Thanks for sharing the solid study. Particularly, I found pages 20 to 29 being very interesting.
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Oh I didnt saw this document , very interesting , thanks!
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I made already an answer on the thread displayed above. I guess it really sums up what I feel as the most crucial point to be answered by Cipsoft right now, and how it feels to be a more complex question the economy and what affects it most. I also stated very clear the disadvantage that new players will encounter in game right now:

"The adjustment made for prices on Mana Potion and Health Potions (these ones specifically) literally made no sense at all. Why we should punish low levels with even less profit when the inflation is a problem that correlates with the huge amount of HL players making astonishing profits? There is certainly data that would show it, observing on how much money popular streamers hoarded and on how crazy you can get money on this game...

I would for example like to see some new balance changes for higher levels. It is crazy on how the profit grows on a absurd margin on this game. I disagree on how a user above posted about turnover, since the efficiency of supplies grows in a higher pace when you get a higher level.

We got an "inflation" on levels (with levels growing insanely fast on the previous year with new "powergmaing options") and skills (statues + training weapon made skills absurdly easy to get. There is no accomplishment anymore on getting skills, a mage that never logged on the game can simply reach enormous ML with no effort). I don't think that there was such thing needed for basic supplies getting more expensive. Having a game where skill got so easy to get was way more related to more absurd profits made rather than the price being not adjusted on Tibia.

I liked that the prices went higher for HL supplies, but I guess it won't matter at all as much it will do for low level players. Just like in the real world, inflation always punish the portion of population located on the base of the pyramid
Mana potions price affects a lot on how low levels fare on Tibia. Most of economies are affected by HL money accumulation, which is a long a sad story on how it got to that point, but I would like to discuss it with CMs in a future thread if possible... But staying on the subject, I found it an action that will not solve at all the inflation on economy in a significant way, it will only affect some mid level players that used to rush like HLs. Now a less wasteful and satisfactory powergaming will be more restricted to the top levels"

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1- Nobody care/use the potions from the store, the price is to high in any server, so if you grew up this...

2- It's illogical that a 120 player pays the same for blessings than a 800 level player.

3- The prices not being even numbers anymore is what bothers me the most.

4- With imbues the need of mana is far lower.

5- This makes no real sense. Higher levels are getting rich as hell? Nerf the HL loot then. Lower levels still struggle (spevially new players) and this just makes it harder for them while top players will still be hoarding cash.

6- That hits low lvl ms/ed so hardly.
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I agree with you, but there is one point on it worth to explore on your argument: Potions from the store are important on new servers for people racing to be the powerful ones in a server and well... We just got Celebra now as a new server.

Just reminding that potions on the store are really important on that particular case :)