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I have seen that some people are obtaining dusts from vampires and demons, what makes their hunt more profitable. How they do this?
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Also if you get 500 Demon/Vampire dust dust won the achievement "Ashes to Dust".

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To do so You have to get blessed wooden stake first. You need to use this with dead body of demon or vampire and then You have a chance to extract dust. If You extract succesfull, there will be short animation above the body of dead monster.

Blessed Wooden Stake is buyable for 5000 gp from npc Gamon after short quest - visiting all Tibia temples.
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From the npc you can only buy a wooden stake, then you have to follow the quest that's going to send you after every temple in tibia to get it blessed (pre-rathleton patch)
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As you answered, you need to "use with" a blessed wooden stake on the corpse of a dead vampire for the vampire dust or on the body of a dead demon for demon dust.

But we can also obtain demon dust as the loot from two specific monsters! They are Demon Outcast and the The Source Of Corruption. Information obtained on https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Demon_Dust

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Also if you get 500 Demon/Vampire dust dust won the achievement "Ashes to Dust".
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This doesn't answer the question and should be (if at all) posted as a comment
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